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1.Always book with a trusted travel brand to avoid risk of departure cancellations. Its only with leading tour operators like SEHGAL TOURIST. You can be assured of no cancellations

2.Check the services of the tour manager and the language of communication. A tour manager makes of breaks a tour. Always prefer to have services of tour manager from established and trusted brand like SEHGAL TOURIST.

3.Check the itinerary in detail and the inclusions to avoid missing out on any major attractions. Group tours have a fixed itinerary. Ensure you have settled for an itinerary that gives you the best of the inclusions.

4.Check the quality of hotels provided for accommodation .Run of the mill tour operators often provide sub standard hotels often ruining an entire holiday.

5.Check the meals included and the choice of meals to ensure you are never left high and dry on tour. Ensure you are satisfied with the meal plans right at the planning stage.

6.Always avail the early bird offer. Make the most by booking early and availing the early bird offers usually available for limited seats.

7.Plan it advance to get a departure date of your choice. Group tours are based on inventories and there is always a risk of running out of seats even with a large tour operator like SEHGAL TOURIST.

8.It’s not important to visit as many countries as possible in a given time. Instead. Focus on the attractions that the itineraries cover.

9.Do seek the assistance of your tour manager to get the best on shopping.

10.The Tour Managers are like your local repository of information; do make the most of your shopping getting valuable information from them.

11.Besides exploring foreign culture, expose yourself to the multi-facted Indian culture you avail within your group.

12.Carry right clothing, adequate foreign exchange and travel light. Ensure you enough space in yourbaggage to accommodate all that you shopped for.

1.Hit the roads to discover a foreign land on your own. Road trips helps you discover a new place especially the country side like nothing else.

2.Opt for a car of your dreams. Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW or any luxury sedan. Do check out the brand of cars available as options for you to drive through the country side roads of dream destination.

3.Opt for comfort. Pick a car/ vehicle as per the group size and the baggage you want carry.

4.Immerse in the culture. While on a road journey do take time off for a culture immersion. Coincide your journey with local festival, art and cultural shows that will help you get a peek in to the local’s life.

5.Have the right documents when you self drive. Always check the documents required as per the law of land and keep it handy.

6.Many countries have left hand Drives, do not risk it if you are not comfortable with left hand drives. Instead opt for a chauffeur and travel comfortably soaking in the nature on your seat.

7.Always follow the rules and regulations. A minor violation may cut short your vacation and force you back to India.

8.If you have a group of 6-7 people and you still want to explore by road, pick a chauffeur driven private van for your road trip. While the chauffeur takes you around you can comfortably enjoy the city from backseat.

9.Check with your road journey holiday expert for the best motels and the best deals on motels enroute.

10.Do have clarity on the inter city travel distance and travels time for you to plan in accordance with connecting flights.

11.Get yourself an itinerary that’s not too taxing. A road journey, private van or self drive, can take a toll on you and be quite taxing. Never rush through and instead pace the holiday to your comfort.

12.Get lost. Nothing can be as fun as getting lost on a road trip. Eventually you will get back on track. However, the experience of getting lost on a road trip is irreplaceable and completely worth it. Do make a time provision for every such instance tough.

1.Never undermine a domestic holiday. A holiday after all is a holiday and a domestic holiday can throw up surprises as well.

2.Get the expert to work for you to find, plan and book the best of the Indian resorts, sightseeing and airfare deals for you.

3.Get the pricing advantage of leading domestic holidays planners like SEHGAL TOURIST. Thanks to their contracting and buying power with wide network of hotels and hotels and resorts, you'll find that are unmatchable and offer the best value.

4.Travel with a group. Check with the holiday expert on the domestic group tours available to the destination of your choice. Group tours offer you rate benefits, services of tour guide and a group to interact with.

5.If travelling with a group is not your type then get a package personalized to your requirement. Design you own itinerary. Pick the services you need and request the holiday expert to personalize it to your tastes.

6.Avoid overlooking travel insurance on domestic holidays. Keep yourself and your loved ones secure from any unforeseen incidents with travel insurance.

7.Check for interesting long weekend offers. There's always an interesting long weekend offer available with travel players like SEHGAL TOURIST.

8.Avoid stressing yourself by driving down to your weekend getaway. Instead avail the chauffeur driven services with pick up and drop to your home.

9.Escape from your city within your city. A holiday doesn't necessitate you to travel out of city. You can still indulge by checking into a luxury hotel in the heart of your city. Check with SEHGAL TOURIST for such interesting offers.

10.Peace doesn't come easy. Pilgrimage tours are often very demanding and can be stressful at times. Avoid managing it on your own and get yourself some assistance of pilgrimage experts like SEHGAL TOURIST for chartered services, premium stay and comfortable transfers.

11.Trust the experts knowledge. Rely on an established travel brand like SEHGAL TOURIST to advise you the right time for a wild life safari or the best season to enjoy backwaters or the best palace to buy Kanjeevaram silk.

12.Get all holiday services at a one shop instead of hassling yourself and running around for tickets, hotels, local excursions and transfers.